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Whether as an eye-catcher at a skate night or as an additional safety feature on evening skate tours, light-up wheels make perfect sense for a number of reasons and are also great fun.


 -The ultimate self-illuminating wheel -


Volcanic bikes are great.
They look beautiful and light up instantly with the slightest movement!

One of my main reasons besides thattop quality(no Chinese goods) was that they are perfect both indoors and outdoors. With a durometer rating of 85A, the Dazzle Light Up wheels perform fine and well on most surfaces.
Also, these wheels come with brand new bearings already pre-installed.
This is "High performance ABEC-7 608RS" Camp.

So buy a set of these reels and you don't have to worry about buying extra bearings or learning how to remove the bearings from the reel wheels ;-)
There is also a cost saving through additional purchases.


  • in a 4-pack
    (order 2 pack to get 8 rolls)


Good to know

  • For deliveries to EU countries, VAT, customs duties and other costs will apply. These are charged by the destination country and cannot be calculated by us.
  • If importing directly, include shipping, customs and postage fees. 

Volcanic Dazzle Mini 54mm Indoor, FIRM 90A

SKU: 73530 Clear
CHF75.00 Regular Price
CHF60.00Sale Price
  • Volcanic Wheel - The ultimate self-luminous wheel

    Self-illuminating mechanism and wheels with 360° light visibility

    • Ideal for indoor artist skating
    • 360¦ light visibility
    • Featuring the latest super bright LED technology
    • Super bright 8 LED lights in each wheel.
      Front: Red/White/Blue-White
      Back: Red/White/Blue-White

    • Bright and beautiful 8 direct lights in 4 color output are visible from every angle
    • NO color mixing of 8 lights in EACH wheel
    • Crystal clear transparent urethane tire for indoor and outdoor use
    • Compact and robust transparent PC core in various color options
    • High performance ABEC-7 608RS installed.
    • Original US patented (not China)
    • New 54 x 32mm, 53 x 29mm Contact Patch
    • HUB Colors: Crystal clear
    • Degree of hardness: FIRM (90A)
    • Includes free pre-installed ABEC 7 bearings
    • Designed for 8mm axles
    • For 7mm axles, use axle sleeves to convert 7mm axles to 8mm bearings

      in a 4-pack
      (order 2 pack to get 8 rolls)

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