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  • What is important in roller skates?
    Of course, when buying roller skates for adults, another point of safety should not be forgotten. The protective clothing - such as helmet, knee pads, elbow pads and hand protection - is very important and you should also rely on quality there.
  • Where can I learn to roller skate dance?
    Welcome to RhythmRoll You have landed in the right place with us 😀We are an active group with common interests in learning and deepening how to dance with roller skates.In addition to dancing "freestyle", our goal is to achieve and perform a choreography as a kind of "line dancing" in the entire community of dancers. Give various lessons (also private lessons) in different places.From Zurich, St. Gallen, Basel to Bern.Contact us - we warmly welcome you ​ We have trained dancers to be confident performers ready to conquer any dance floor.
  • How heavy is a roller skate?
    How heavy are roller skates? A roller skate weighs between approx. 1.5 kg and 2.5 kgDepending on the model, equipment and size
  • What muscles do you train while roller skating?
    When you roller skate, you train your buttocks, leg muscles and lower back muscles in particular.Roller skating is also a moderate cardiovascular workout that doesn't get you too out of breath.Once you've got the roller skates on, you ride them for a while and train your core muscles.The movements are flowing and largely free of vibrations. To skate, however, you need a lot of balance, coordination and reaction speed.Anyone who has problems with it or can injure themselves seriously when falling should think twice and protect themselves / if need be.
  • Is roller skating a sport?
    Roller skating is a roller sport with a fun effect.The time on the rollers flies by, so you can hold out for a long time and don't have to torture yourself.
  • Can you lose weight by roller skating?
    Depending on the intensity, a lot of calories are burned. After just half an hour at a moderate pace, you can burn up to 300 calories and more. So skating has a similar effect as cycling.
  • Where can you rent roller skates?
    Please visit our internal link Roller skate rental< /p>
  • Which ball bearing... ABEC, ILQ, WHAT IS GOOD?
    GeneralThe ABEC specification is a standard from the USA, with which the accuracy of the bearings is specified there.What is not regulated by this standard are e.g. B. the materials and the greasing.However, these two parameters are much more important for the use of ball bearings when skating.It is possible to import a cheap industrial ball bearing with ABEC 9 stamping for a few cents.You can also skate with it, but the recommendation is to buy branded products where the manufacturer makes sure that the parameters are chosen appropriately for our sport. In this way, an ABEC 1 bearing can be faster than the ABEC 9 bearing. ILQ – what does that mean? ILQ is a modified standard bearing type in which only 6 balls are used instead of the usual 7 balls.However, ILQ does not help to compare the quality. It is easily possible to change from ILQ to standard bearings or vice versa. The dimensions of the bearings are identical.
  • Why roller skating?
    Roller skating is a beautiful sport. Ideal for exercise in the fresh air in summer. In winter to not get rusty and to be able to keep moving.Roller skating has numerous health benefits: It also boosts metabolism.
  • What is roller skating or roller skating good for?
    What you might not expect: Roller skating is a true full body workout! The movements involved not only strain the legs, as one might think, but the whole body. Your upper body and arms are also used, which means you can burn a lot of calories and fat.
  • What types of roller skates are there?
    Inline Roller skating Aggressive Freeskate Speed Endurance skates Off road In-line hockey
  • How do you clean ball bearings?
    Wash the bearings with mineral spirits in a solvent resistant container or the Bones Bearings Cleaning Unit. Shake the container and let it sit for a while. After the dirt has dissolved, you can take the bearings out of the container and let them dry very well.
  • Do you have to grease ball bearings? Can you do without?
    Metal ball bearings Metal ball bearings must be lubricated. Without lubrication, these bearings would otherwise rust very quickly and become deformed during use due to the high frictional forces and the lack of cooling, which in the worst case could lead to the bearing becoming blocked. Lubrication is essential, especially with sealed ball bearings, otherwise the plastic or rubber seals will become porous. This can cause grease to escape and cause the bearing to run dry. Stainless steel ball bearings do not corrode, but they are significantly more expensive to buy than plastic ball bearings. Plastic ball bearings Without it works, for example, with lubricant-free ball bearings made of plastic. Unlike with metal, the high speeds of over 5,000 rpm cannot be achieved, but only a few applications rotate at such increased speeds. Most applications typically run at low loads and speeds. Plastic ball bearings are always impressive when they are used in liquid media such as water or chemicals. Ceramic ball bearings Another lubricant-free alternative is ball bearings made of technical ceramics. Ceramic materials are generally very resistant to wear, corrosion and temperature. In addition, they are light, stiff and electrically insulating - all properties that are very advantageous for applications with rolling bearings. Despite the significantly higher costs compared to metallic materials, such technical ceramics as silicon nitride, silicon carbide and aluminum oxide have long been established as ball bearing materials. In many cases, precisely for cost reasons, they have so far only been used in areas of application in which the advantages of ceramics really come into play and buyers are not put off by the higher procurement costs.1 1 Source: https: //
  • Why do certain roller skates have heels?
    The heel creates an angle, so heeled skates have a slightly shorter base plate and therefore a shorter wheel stand. Therefore, high-heeled roller skates are the right choice for roller skating or for dancing, as it is easier to get into the dance movements when standing.
  • Where can I find a specialty shop?
    We, the, work closely with selected specialist shops, high quality standards and specialist knowledge.They are at your disposal on behalf of the Rhtythmroll and look forward to your visit. You can also get detailed advice from Or direct contacts and, if desired, support and assistance with the purchase through to discount opportunities.Please click here to go to the internal page Rollskate Shops.
  • What types of wheels are there
    You can find a detailed description in the blog Kleines ABC about Wheels, their sizes and hardness
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